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UPDATE: The game is no longer updated, but doesn't mean it's cancelled, here's the details:

I started college, and i'm planning on starting the game from scratch in a different engine with the help of 2 friends more. The game will have a different name (probably: The Bark Legacy), the lore and story will be different too. Characters will be the same, but some will have different abilites and slight changes.

To sum up what it will be about, instead of aliens, it will be about portals to different realities being opened, allowing all kinds of beings to enter earth, which would explain why there's orcs, elves, and medieval stuff mixed with future, and post-apocalyptic, enemies will not only be aliens, but also zombies, monsters, demons, and other stuff.

As for the content, this is what i'm sure will be available: Many characters, weapons (all upgradeable, and some will be character-exclusive), different maps, a story mode, skins, hats, 4 skills for each character, power within for each character, upgrades for characters' stats, power-ups. Then there will be also more stuff, which is subject to changes which for that reason i see no point on mentioning.

Anyways... the current version is still available for download anyways.

Game Download:


Coding, Music, Some Sprites:

A pint, of your finest... uhh.. orange juice?

Best Animations and Better Detailed Sprites (And soon almost every sprite):


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pellet9009
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AoTT2


Attack of The Tipos II.exe 251 MB


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  • New Character: Ellie
    • This character has a unique play style, does half the average damage, but when invisible, does double, or even more the average damage.
    • Has only 2 weapons at the moment, but will have more added real soon.
  • 4 New songs: Ellie's Song, The Power Behind Raven's Mask (by Kellet9009), Messanger, TechMe (By Echo.D aka Radient_Demon)
  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Remade the parallax backgrounds from the forest map, it looks much prettier now.
    • The city will get reworked too, in the next update.
  • Made some changes in some music tracks, for example: Enter the Reaper, which now sounds 10 times better.



  • New Track: Enter the Reaper by Kellet9009
  • New Track: Boss by Radient_Demon
  • Weapon Select sprites reworked into an HD version
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Changed shotgun firing code
  • Added background sounds to add realism (more to come)
  • Remade Shops
  • Pistol renamed to Glawk -19
  • Shotgun renamed to Mossbark
  • Assault Rifle renamed to M4 - Carbine
  • Dagger renamed to KLT - Bar Tactical Knife
  • SMG renamed to MP5K
  • New Gun: Smith & Weaver (Available only for Holok at the moment, but will be added for Duam, Fionna, and Linker)
  • Enhanced the City Map
  • Reworked some other stuff

Known Bugs:

  • Items in the shop and inventory screen have their info displayed in the wrong X position. Working on a fix.